Install with pip like any other package.

pip install -U discord-ext-slash


This installs as an extension to discord.py.


Support slash commands.

Example Usage

from discord.ext import slash
client = slash.SlashBot(
    # normal arguments to commands.Bot()
    command_prefix='.', description="whatever",
    # special option: modify all global commands to be
    # actually guild commands for this guild instead,
    # for the purposes of testing. Remove this argument
    # or set it to None to make global commands be
    # properly global - note that they take 1 hour to
    # propagate. Useful because commands have to be
    # re-registered if their API definitions are changed.

msg_opt = slash.Option(
    # description of option, shown when filling in
    description='Message to send',
    # this means that the slash command will not be invoked
    # if this argument is not specified

@client.slash_cmd() # global slash command
async def repeat( # command name
    ctx: slash.Context, # there MUST be one argument annotated with Context
    message: msg_opt
    """Make the bot repeat what you say""" # description of command
    # respond to the interaction, must be done within 3 seconds
    await ctx.respond(message) # string (or str()able) message



  • Context emulates discord.ext.commands.Context, but only to a certain extent. Notably, ctx.message does not exist, because slash commands can be run completely without the involvement of messages. However, channel and author information is still available.

  • All descriptions are required.

  • You must grant the bot applications.commands permissions in the OAuth2 section of the developer dashboard.

See the docs.